For over 100 years, safety has been our #1 Priority

We put safety and quality of life first. Our objective is Zero accidents and injuries. Not only does it place it place an emphasis on our people and mitigate the risk of injuries, it makes good business sense. Fewer injuries means less time lost in production. We integrate into every aspect each company operation. From project conception through execution, no task is performed without planning to do it safely. To help us achieve a Zero-accident environment, we implement a comprehensive programs and knowledge feedback into the organition.
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Our Safety Training is Second to None

See the training required for every one of our employees to ensure a safe work environment and successful project.
1. General Safety/ Safety Orientation/Housekeeping Training
2. Hand and Power Tools/ PPE/ Respiratory/Assured Grouping Training
3. OSHA Training: 10 Hours for Employees/30 Hours for Supervisors
4. Confined Space/Fall Protection/Lockout Tag-out Training
5. Forklift/ Vehicle/ Scissors Lift/ Boom Lift Training
6. Rigging/ Scaffold/ Ladder/ Critical Lifts/Trenching and Excavation Training
7. First Aid/ CPR/ Emergency Training
8. Hazard Communication Training
9. Peer Recognition for Safety Achievement
10. Recognition for Years of Service without a Recordable Accident