National Farm Safety & Health Week 2020

by | Sep 16, 2020

The National Farm Safety & Health Week 2020 is a six-day event centered on farmers and agricultural producers with the aim of improving safety for all types of professionals. This year’s festival is set for September 20- 26, with the theme “Every Farmer Counts.”

The event was first created back in 1944 under then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For farmers and growers, it was a way of improving worker safety while honoring the brave men and women that keep our homes stocked with food. The agricultural industry remains one of the most dangerous in the country with hundreds of fatalities every year. The event takes place every year in September, often considered the height of the fall harvest season.

From small, independent producers to large-scale feed mills, this historic event spotlights the latest information as it relates to health and safety in the agriculture industry. Producers, growers, workers, and managers can learn how to improve their operations while protecting their workers from on-the-job accidents and keeping their consumers safe from cross-contamination and potential recalls.

This year’s event will feature free webinars on a range of helpful, relevant topics, including road and tractor safety, emergency preparedness, preventing injuries, chronic pain, and the spread of COVID-19, as well tips for keeping minors, young employees, and women safe on the production floor.

Instead of attending the event in person this year, visit The National Education for Agriculture Safety to access free webinars from a range of industry experts. Use this festival to improve your operations and protect the health and safety of your workers.

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